Hardings Court, Head Street, Pershore WR10 1DL.

Parkgrove Estates Limited has joined forces with SDL Auctions Limited to offer even more property market opportunities for both sellers & investors. SDL have been around for many years serving mainly the Midlands but also further afield. As an organisation, SDL have a wealth of experience in this sector & provide a simple, easy way to sell a property without all the usual delays associated with using Estate Agents etc. You pay no fees at all, you know exactly when the property sale will complete, you can set a reserve price & you know you are reaching dedicated investors who are ready to proceed now!

This is the way forward in property sales!

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The end of 2020. Sales have been good in quarters 3 & 4 of 2020. House number 2, Flat number 4 & House number 6 are all sold subject to contract. House number 3 will be sold in January 2021.

Coach House in Orchard Walk has now commenced. Coach House conversion to quality 1 bedroomed home with garden & parking for 2 cars.